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Bedtime stories used to be simple: kids would lie in bed getting ready to sleep, and a parent (or both) would come in, pick out their favourite novel, and read it to them to go to sleep. However Samsung has decided that maybe bedtime stories could be taken to whole new levels and have started the Bedtime VR Stories program.
As the name implies, this can be an app designed for virtual reality and for Samsung’s Tools VR headsets. What occurs is that kid and the parent will wear a headset each and establish the program, while the stories are being read and from there, the bedtime story can subsequently be experienced in virtual reality in a mystic world.
It seems like an excellent idea but there are some problems. The first is that it will require users to own two Gear VR headsets and two Samsung apparatus. Second, it's only being analyzed in the united kingdom meaning that we do if it will be started stateside ’t understand. Thirdly, strapping a VR headset onto your child before they sleep seems like a recipe for keeping them up later than you'll like.
Plus according to Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar, the blue light emissions in the headset couldn't only mess up your sleep cycle, but those of your children also, so while it might be entertaining, you could awaken to cranky kids who did not get an excellent night’s remainder. However, it is still that allowed for the daytime and perhaps one a pretty great idea.

Buffs of virtual reality say the technology is going to link people like never before, and Samsung clearly believes in this vision. The tech firm has unveiled a new model app, Bedtime VR Stories, designed to let parents telling their kids bedtime stories over virtual reality.

The app is a prototype at this time, but Samsung says it's now being tested with select families in great britain. read more The parent then narrates the story, branded Most Wonderful Place to Be, which sees them traveling between three "magical areas" while sitting on their bed.


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